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Welcome to 'Language Corner' – an online DIY language centre and online language school! 'Anytime learning through active doing' is the slogan that defines our main teaching concepts and strategies.

If you decide one day to start your amazing journey towards a desired foreign language you'd like to speak, you'll need a proper navigator, a detailed road map and a comprehensive guide. 'Language Corner' has got everything you need for your jorney, just let us know about your wishes and goals, and we would be glad to accompany you!

Our DIY language centre hires only professional, versatile language educators who can speak more than one language. Our online language school uses the methods and approaches based upon the latest achievements from linguistics, language teaching and psychology, neuroscience, IT & CT in combination with proven by time methods of conventional learning and problem solving.

Learning any foreign language is 75% a DIY process and it looks similar to sailing a wide, boarderless "language sea": self-learning trough numerous repetitions of texts and videos, countless hours of drilling grammar and vocabulary, speaking after a tape/recording, reviewing flashcards, notes etc . Teacher's assistance looks here like a compass showing the right direction across the endless "sea" of language which takes around 25% of total time we spend on mastering a language.

Communication with a responsible, responsive and professional teacher, his/her observations on learning process and sound, critical notes is nothing else but one of the important, substantial parts of effective language acquisition for adults.

This is exactly what we do at 'Language Corner': we create favourable conditions and assist our language learners in reaching possible highest proficiency levels in commanding of a language, in overcoming fears, realising obstacles on the way towards a successful mastery of a foreign language.

For achieving better results, we consider individual needs and learning goals of our students e.g. learning a language for an international language certificate (e.g. TestDaF or IELTS), learning a new language without any previous language learning experience, or let's say, improving some particular language skills: writing or speaking, listening or reading, also brushing up a language you learnt some years ago etc.

You can find 2 main sections on our website. The 'GUIDED LANGUAGE LEARNING' section (on the left) offers:

  • guided by professional teachers paid language courses and comprehensive teaching assistance (!NB currently ONLY German language is supported);
  • some information about a number of internationally recognised exams for German language;
  • subject teaching (!NB at the moment ONLY in German);

The 'DIY LANGUAGE LEARNING' section (on the right) is for independent language learners and can be used as a supplement to language lessons. It contains:

  • free and paid interactive materials for language self-learning on variety of grammar & vocabulary topics like shopping, buying a ticket, ordering a taxi; writing an essay; past tense, word-building, etc.;
  • here we share articles, videos and audios, and develop different types of tasks and exercises so that language learners have a chance to practise grammar, lexical patterns, discover cultural specific information, learn and review new vocabulary etc.;
  • we pick up and share interesting web-links to some free language learning apps, online language courses, language blogs and vlogs, ready-made materials for teachers (so-called timesavers), useful software, e-libraries etc.